A dramatic, action packed drama-infused workshop that utilizes a behavioral approach, together with role play to help creatively teach the various elements of being the bully and the victim.

​Drama infused and action packed, Mark's workshop uses a behavioral approach combined with role-play to interactively teach the various elements of being the bully and the victim.


After his presentation, students will better understand themselves and what they are feeling. They will learn to behave in ways that empower them to forge and maintain positive life choices.


Mark A. Johnson is a transformational speaker whose audiences include elementary, middle, and high school students, inmates, church groups, social groups and other organizations. His high impact anti-bullying workshop and dramatization experience are powerful presentations addressing societal issues affecting our youth and community today.


He uses a cognitive based behavior (modeling) format in his programs. Focusing on intervention, prevention, bullying, choices, drugs, gangs, crime

and education.

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