​      What Workshop Attendees Are Saying…

​      Mr. Johnson is a highly talented speaker as well as actor, whose

     introduction not only arouses but maintains interest.His theme and main point is driven home nicely, by role playing situations relevant to the topic. It would be difficult for anyone from any environment or educational background  not to grasp the lesson of his presentation.

              – T.Richards Registered Nurse/National Achiever's Society (Apopka)


I enjoyed Mr. Johnson’s presentation. He was funny.

                                                – N.M. National Achiever's Society (Apopka). 


Mr. Johnson is a high interest presenter with great strategies to combat bullying.                                                     – K.R. Professor


During my recent leadership class at Belhaven we had a guest speaker that was one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I have ever encountered. His name is Mark Johnson and you can check out his web site at www.lifetothebrim.com.

                                                 – D.C. Coppinger

Thank you again for your presentation at the Partners Investing in People Re-Entry and Resource Fair in Lake County.  Your presentation was educational, inspirational, and transformational.  You were able to meet everyone in the audience right where they were at.  Your caring and compassionate nature really shined and your enthusiasm was contagious.  So often, adults, youth, ex-inmates and probationers don’t have a real since of hope or self-worth. Your message to them was heard loud and clear, “we all have a purpose in life and we are all valuable.” What was an added bonus was your message was also heard by those who work with the criminal justice population. We all left your presentation with a new commitment to excellence and passion for our life’s work.

                                                             – Susan Kowalski,

                                                               Supervising Probation Officer

Thank you for your participation in the PIP Reentry Fair in Leesburg, Florida. Your presentation was informative and inspiring and we really appreciate your passion for helping others. Keep up the great work!  – Tony Deaton, Chief Probation Officer

Wow! You caught me (and the kid) off guard when we first walked in and the young man snickered. Powerful presentation. You and your message were right on point. You need to can this program and sell it in a six-pack. I'm buying / great job!!!                                                      – Bill Chrisman, Chief Police

                                                              Leesburg, Police Department


Your presentation was certainly full of passion and inspirational. I would very happy to  draft a statement on our letter head describing your presentation to the department and our willingness to partner with the Police Athletic League.

                                                            – J. Alderman, Probation Officer

                                                              Juvenile Probation



Mark I heard you made quite an impression at Leesburg Elementary. Some of my students families were in attendance, or work at the school. I told them they were blessed to have had you as a speaker.  I want to thank you for what you do for the community.                                            – J. Peterson, Martial Arts



I recently attended a RYLA conference where you spoke to myself and some of my fellow officers in our school's Interact club. We thought that your speech impacted us the most. You really inspired us to take charge and make a difference. Through our brainstorming efforts we decided to work together with another delegate to form a club that is essentially students working against negative relations. Everything about your unique presentation was perfect for our age group because you brought an important message across in a way that really opened our eyes to reality.                                                 – Deidre Krzanowski

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